Navigator International, LLC

Sustainment Engineering Services

Extensive Corporate experience & knowledge of Army aircraft development & sustainment programs

  • Field and depot level sustainment engineering capabilities

Aviation Life Cycle Logistics Support

  • Integrated logistics support (ILS) analysis to fully define all ILS element requirements

Obsolescence Management

  • Innovative engineering and logistics solutions to component shortages due to obsolescence on many weapons systems
  • AH-64/CH-47/UH-72/UH-60/TH-67
  • Early detection and resolution of component shortages due to obsolescence ensures Depots are able to continue LRU and SRU repair process uninterrupted

Acquisition & Sustainment Management

Technical and Program Life Cycle Management services

  • Acquisition Program Management
  • Production Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technical Data Development / Validation & Verification
  • Configuration Management
  • Financial Management

Solicitation and Source Selection Support

Test & Evaluation Support

Base Operations & Sustainment

Veterans Administration Valet Operations

  • Veterans Administration Valet Operations
  • Our project managers are the customers primary contact for cost, schedule and performance
  • With our base operations experience, we can improve the quality and efficiency of the processes and coordinate strategic sourcing initiatives
  • We successfully manage and coordinate the best valet parking services on each of our Veterans Administration contracts
  • We have the capability to identify and prioritize base operations needs and communicate recommendations to achieve efficient operations

Navigator International is a VA Center for Veterans

Enterprise (CVE) Certified Company

Licensed ITAR Exporter and Broker

From packaging, shipping and delivery to labor, supply and inventory management, Navigator International is a one stop.

Logistics and Supply Capabilities

  • Cost effective shipping solutions based on customer requirements
  • Quality control packaging with all required shipping documentation
  • Continuous reports on shipment status
  • Adherence to all US and international shipping requirements
  • Aircraft airframe, power plant and hydraulic maintenance support
  • Aviation maintenance production control with supply room and supply chain accountability

Shipping and warehouse services for our commercial and government customers

Navigator International currently ships a wide range of products to overseas markets